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The panoMAX tells - What an exciting month at Panomax!

My trip to India kicked things off. Many interesting conversations and enthusiastic inquiries about our cameras open up exciting prospects for the future! My private highlight was a walk through the Old Delhi Spice Market - of course with our 360° camera to try out the new PanoVideo feature!

Two weeks later, I ended up in Cappadocia in Turkey. The rock formations made of soft tuff are even more impressive in person than on Wikipedia! And because it was so much fun, I took part in a ski race - yes, Turkey really does have a ski resort! It was quite a challenge to shred down the icy slopes on rental skis that felt like they were from the last millennium. But at least it was enough for 2nd place! (It goes without saying that this was not due to my outstanding skiing skills, but to the somewhat unconventional scoring system of the race organizers: for the sake of fun, the podium places started exactly in the middle of the race results. So my very average driving skills earned me silver.

The winning prize was a gift basket with presents from .... Austria! It was so generously filled that it led to excess baggage and therefore an extra charge on the plane. They were the most expensive Mannerwafferl I've ever eaten :)

Next week we'll be heading to the French Navy base in Brest, where we'll be able to mount a 360° camera on an icebreaker!

So I can't complain about a lack of variety at the moment!

Happy Easter and see you next time,

Your panoMAX!

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