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Top 6 Features for Panomax for Ships

Capture Cruises in unprecedented Quality

Showcase your cruise via our 360° Panomax solution. 470 megapixels per image allow guests to relive their trip over and over again. Interactive features generate a whole new level of engagement with users.


From installation onward all images are saved and made available online 24/7.

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Track cruise via GPS

Panomax draws the cruise route live into the overview map. Every image taken is displayed on the path with the correct position.

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The Panomax Package includes a fully hosted printshop.

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Restricted Areas

When entering sensitive areas in which recording is not permitted Panomax automatically stops recording.

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Quality of Images

With up to 470 Megapixel per image Panomax is unprecedented in quality and resolution.

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Search Tool

Search through the Panomax Archive after ports, cities and destinations.

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All Panomax Functions are available to all of our clients. Feel free to browse through our Features A-Z. Have a look at our current Ship clients here.

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Explora Journeys - Explora 1 open Camera
Viking Cruises - Saturn open Camera
Viking Cruises - Neptune open Camera
Haltern am See - Fahrgastschiff Möwe open Camera
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