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Panomax in the News

July 2018
APN Outdoor brings Mt Hotham to Melbourne
June 2018
Panomax makes Live Panoramic Images compatible to new Data Protection Laws (Article in German)
August 2017
Panomax's Quality prevails (Article in German)
June 2017
Panomax Webcam starts where others give up
January 2017
Transforming a standard 360° image to an interactive multimedia center (Article in German)
November 2016
All-rounder View (Article in German)
February 2016
Interactive live 360° panoramas
February 2016
Brand new webcam technology turns guests into sales partners!
August 2015
The "Großer Inselsberg" now has a lookout (Article in German)
August 2015
360° Camera installed on Schneekopf-Tower (Article in German)
February 2015
Image Quality as in the year 2030 (Article in German)
September 2014
New Panoramic Views from the Blessberg (Article in German)
July 2014
Awarded Best Webcam, Additional Features Released (Article in German)
May 2014
New User Feature: interactive automated Peak Labelling (Article in German)
May 2014
360 degree Images for the World (Article in German)
August 2013
Digital View of the Country (Article in German)
February 2013
A webcam for revolutionary Marketing Campaigns (Article in German)
August 2012
Interactive 360° Panoramic Images in Sensational Quality (Article in German)
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