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Showcase your destination with live panoramic images

Create interactive, authentic content with Panomax. Our fully hosted, high resolution, 360° solution allows you to capture your surroundings with up to 470 megapixels per image. Interactive features and design options make Panomax the perfect tool to interact with your target market. Share your panoramic views with the world and showcase your destination like never before.

Sophisticated Hardware

The Panomax solution is discreet in design and easy to install. The fully weatherproof hardware can be installed in various locations. All that is required is a fixed pole, power and internet access. The cameras are equipped with remote access which enables updates and quality controls at any time.

Userfriendly Software

Tailor the Panomax interface to your target market. Our intuitive, easy-to-use back end creates countless opportunities to promote your destination, partners and businesses. Highlight points of interest within the panorama, create your own menu, mark trails, insert logos, label mountains and many more. Explore the possibilities with Panomax and promote your destination like never before.

Active Cameras
Public Cameras
Number of Images
Panomax Cameras
Viking Cruises - Orion open Camera
HapagLloyd - MS Europa 2 open Camera
Viking Cruises - Sun open Camera
HapagLloyd - MS Europa open Camera
Landsberg am Lech - Schlossberg open Camera
Kaprun - Tauern SPA open Camera
Altaussee - Loser - Sandlingjet open Camera
Bad Ischl - Katrinseilbahn open Camera
Altaussee - Loser - Loserfenster open Camera
Alpenwelt Karwendel - Mittenwald Kirche open Camera
Panomax customer groups
Skipiste mit Schnee bedeckt

Scenic Railways and Lift Operators

Häuser in einem Dorf

Councils and Tourism Organisations

Wiese mit Haus in den Bergen

Hotels and Hotel Chains

Flughafen mit Flugzeugen neben Berg

Airports and Ports

Bau eines Hauses mi Kran

Construction Monitoring

Aussicht einer Panomax Kamera vom Schiff aus


Panomax features


Guests get an all year impression of a location as all images are archived and available online 24/7.

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Highlight Trails

Highlight hiking paths, mountainbike trails and cross country skiing loops with Panomax.

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Share your unique local perspectives with guests online. Highlight Hotspots with interactive content and create an immersive experience.

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Overview Map

The Overview Map allows users to determine the exact location of the camera. A triangle displays the currently viewed angle within the panorama and adjusts according to zoom levels. Other cameras in the area are displayed as well.

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Time Lapse

Panomax allows you to create individual time lapses with various configurations.

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Summit labelling

Identifying mountain peaks has never been this easy.

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