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Overview Panomax Cameras

360° Day/Night

360° Day/Night

The 360° Day/Night allowes for 24/7 Non-Stop recording Day and Night with the following specifications:

  • 140 Megapixel
  • 4K Livevideo included
  • Weatherproof, heated housing
  • Integrated PC (Linux)
  • WLAN- or GSM-plug (option)
  • Remote access to all hardware configurations
  • Max. horizontal angel 360°
  • Network connection: RJ45 ethernet plug
  • Max. length for networkcable: 100m copper cables, 100 fire optic cable
  • Required bandwidth :64 kBit/s
Panomax 360° Camera
360° Day


Our most popular system allows for flawless 360° images including these functions:

  • Fully weatherproof and heated housing
  • Integrated PC (Linux)
  • Remote access to all hardware configurations
  • WIFI- or GSM port (option)
  • Integrated full HD video camera (option)
  • Network connection via RJ45 Ethernet plug
  • Max. cable length: 100m copper and 100m fibre optic
  • Required bandwidth: 64 kBit/s
  • Max. image resolution: 80 megapixels
  • Producer: Seitz
Panomax Light webcam
Light 100° Day/Night

Light 100° Day/Night

Capture your views even at night with a 100° angle and these features:

  • Nikon camera with ultra wide-angle lens
  • Captures images 24/7 - ideal for night time images
  • Weatherproof, heated housing
  • Integrated PC (RasPi)
  • WIFI- or GSM-plug (option)
  • Remote camera access
  • Max. horizontal angle 100°
  • Network connection: RJ45 Ethernet plug
  • Max. length for network cable: 100m copper cables, 100m fire optic cable
  • Required bandwidth: min. 64 kBit/s
Panono Camera
Panono Camera

Panono 360° Camera

Create an immersive and interactive experience with the spherical 360° Panono Camera:

  • 36 fixed focus lenses
  • 108 megapixel resolution
  • 11cm diameter
  • Weight: 480g
  • Panono App for iOS 7+ and Android 4.2+
  • Charge with USB
  • 16GB SD-card - approximately 600 images can be saved at once
  • WIFI enabled
  • Remote controlled shutter release
  • Fully automised stitching of images

Borrow the Panono Camera

As a service to our clients we provide the Panono Camera to all our Panomax customers.

Got any questions regarding our cameras? Get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to find the right solution for you.

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