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Panomax Feature explained: Archive

Our authentic an immersive Panomax images attract users over and over again. As every image is a snapshot of a quickly passing moment we have made it our goal to store each of these moments so visitors can relive them again at any time. This is our Archive feature.

From the moment of installation all images are saved and stored in original quality. We do not put a data or time limit on our Archive as we firmly believe that this is one of the main features which makes Panomax so special. The Archive allows users to relive breathtaking sunrises, stunning weather formations and snow conditions of the last winters.

You would like to know which snow conditions to expect in December or find out whether April is a good month to plan a hiking trip? Simply click on the Panomax Archive and start exploring the last years to make the decision making process easier.

There are multiple ways on how to use the Archive. When clicking on the time or the tab ‘ARCHIVE’ a pop up function will open within the Panomax interface. The default setting always displays the current day with all images displayed on a timeline. Hovering over the timeline will create an instant time lapse.

When clicking on the displayed month or date the software allows users to select a specific date. To expand the timeline from a day to a week, a month or even a year select the desired time frame at the top of the pop up.

Our Panomax customers can highlight special images within the administration. Once selected they will be displayed in the tab ‘BEST SHOTS’. This gives easy access to spectacular moments without searching through the Archive.


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