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Panomax Feature explained: News-Ticker

For many years now News Ticker have been a widely used marketing tool. News Ticker allow businesses to share information with the viewer without being invasive or giving up too much screen space. These one liners of the marketing industry enable businesses to achieve various goals. You’d like to drive online traffic towards your weekend special? News like current snow conditions or parking availability should be passed on to your visitors right away? Partners and sponsors would like to post additional ads? This and more can all be achieved with the News Ticker.

The Panomax News Ticker is not like any other news ticker out there. Our News Ticker can be individually modified and automated. How? With a few clicks within our administration.

Standard settings like font colour, font, background colour and font size can all be modified to your requirements. It is also possible to add interactive links which can drive traffic to sponsor websites. The really unique features of the Panomax News Ticker are our automated ports and language settings.

The messages in the News Ticker can be entered in eight different languages. Depending on the browser language of the user the right language will be automatically selected and displayed. You already have a daily news update section on your website and don’t want to enter everything twice? This is no issue with Panomax as we can automatically feed selected text form your website into our News Ticker. This ensures that all messages and displayed information are current and achieving the highest marketing impact possible.

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