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Camera of the Week - Zugspitze

The Zugspitze, with an elevation of 2.962m, is the highest mountain in Germany. Since the 1930s it is possible for the general public to access the mountain top via cable car. Innovative visionaries realised early on that the unique panoramic views are a perfect way to attract tourism to the area. Today almost 500.000 visitors reach the top every year.

Our Panomax looks directly at the magnificent cross on the summit. The entirely golden sculpture was erected as early as 1851. It has had a turbulent history marked by a dismantling due to extreme weather conditions as well as serving as a target for US soldiers after WWII. Today’s cross was renovated for 15.000€ in 2009 and catches every visitor’s eye upon arrival at the top.

Panomax Fans have known for a while that we are also capturing the ongoing construction on top of the Zugspitze. Since summer 2015 a new cable car is being built to modernise transport to the top station. Construction is planned to be completed over the next few months. Click here to watch a video about one of the milestones during construction.

Panomax Zugspitze, Germany

Camera Data:
Online since: 8th of March 2013
Viewing Angle: 360°
Elevation: 2.915m

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