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Camera of the Week - Seceda, Val Gardena

The Dolomites. UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most impressive mountain ranges worldwide. The typical rock formations and sharp peaks make out the characteristics for this unique region. Every year visitors from around the globe are drawn to this spectacular place and explore the hiking paths, ski runs and mountain bike tracks. Particularly stunning are the defined boarders between luscious, green meadows and the rough, grey and rocky summits made of limestone and dolomite.

Tourism is the single biggest economic sector in the region. We, as Panomax, are very proud to have many local businesses and tourism organisations utilising our product to promote the region and increase visitor numbers. As there are multiple cameras installed in the Dolomites we will keep introducing more and more cameras every week. We are starting with the Panomax in Seceda, Val Gardena.

The Camera in Seceda is located right next to the summit station of the Seceda lifts. With an unmatched view of the highest peak in the Dolomites – the Marmolata – this camera captures breathtaking images. You would like to be able to name all the visible mountains in the panorama? Simply click the ‘Peaks’ tab within the Panomax interface and all mountains will be tagged with the correct name.

Panomax Seceda, Val Gardena, Italy

Camera Data:
Online since: 19th November 2015
Viewing angle: 360°
Elevation: 2.450m

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