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Camera of the Week - MS Europa, Hapag Lloyd Cruises

Hapag Lloyd is one of the most exclusive cruise lines worldwide. The MS Europa is the sixth ship within the history of Hapag Lloyd to bear its name. At the start of the 20th century the predecessors of todays MS Europa were migrant ships which accompanied people into their new life on the other side of the world. Since 1999 the MS Europa, as we know it today, offers luxury experiences like never before. With a maximum of 400 passengers per cruise the MS Europa is one of the most intimate ships on the market. A range of restaurant experiences, a library, guided on shore tours as well as a high end spa area are all offered by the cruise line.

For multiple years now our Panomax has been recording the most stunning images onboard the MS Europa. From sunsets in the Arctic to discovering tiny, hidden islands in the Pacific Ocean our camera has captured it all. Every day new images from around the world are uploaded and we are always very excited to see where the journey will go next. Panomax for Ships offers tailored features for the cruise industry like the Overview Map with the route of the ship.

Panomax MS Europa, Hapag Lloyd Cruises

Camera Data:
Online since: 11th of October 2015
Viewing angle: 205°
Elevation: 41m

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